About Us

CrystalCross Innovations, LLC works primarily in  product development, therefor, most things that CrystalCross sells are unique. Most of the time spent in CrystalCross is spent on product development and optimization, not marketing or socail media.


CrystalCross is more of a brand name than a single company, due to the many markets it is in. Products from CrystalCross can range from cute, PG phone games to heavy machinery. This site is safe for children and for work. No objectively questionable content is, or will be, present on this site.



No Rush

Unlike other sites, CrystalCross does not try to rush you or give you artificial deadlines.

Chat Welcome

We are happy to chat with you via phone or skype, but we would like to get to know you first. Send us a email and we can chat!


CrystalCross always communicates in the clearest way possible, as to avoid confusion and customer frusteration.

Culturally Adaptive

If you feel that your culture is not being considered in a product of CrystalCross Innovations, let us know at ethan.crystalcross@protonmail.com

Why Choose Us

We are small

Choosing us helps a growing business, and wards off large corporation bureaucracy and complexity.

Feedback first

Feedback is what gave rise to the idea of CrystalCross Innovations in the first place,so as our ideological foundation, we’re sticking to it!

Unique Merchandise

100% of CrystalCross’s stock is original, whether it is a work of art, a device, or service.


Struggling to Get Started?

We are happy to answer any questions:


InflateAKittens Nears Release

InflateAKittens development is complete, leaving only app store submission and polish to do. Expect to see the game on the apple app store soon!

Site Launch

With the launch of crystalcrossinnovations.com, news about CrystalCross’s new products will be arriving on site shortly.


InflateAKittens LAUNCH

InflateAKittens is projected to be released in: