About Us

Our Story


CrystalCross first started in April of 2017, where the sole proprietor, Ethan Pierret, worked endlessly on various ideas. Almost a year later, most of the products were coming into their final stages of development. A website was chosen as the preferred method of contact due to the diversity of areas engaged in.


CrystalCross is still striving for growth, and is still very young. We hope you will join us on this journey, and may the best be with you!

Our Mission


Our goal at CrystalCross is to provide users with most innovative software, the most robust appliances, and the cutest of cat merchandise. We strive to be different from our competition, even in smaller ways, like our decision not to include micro purchases in our games.

We are here to Please

If you have any suggestions or comments, let us know via email at ethan.crystalcross@protonmail.com.

Why Choose Us

We are small

Choosing us helps a growing business, and wards off large corporation bureaucracy and complexity

Feedback first

Feedback is what gave rise to the idea of CrystalCross Innovations in the first place, so as our ideological foundation, we’re sticking to it!

Unique Merchandise

100% of CrystalCross’s stock is original. whether it is a work of art, a device, or service.